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No longer be impressed by old clichés, the current man takes care of him with the help of professionals of beauty, well-being and performance.

Men's facials

Anti-aging cell rituals

Anti-aging facials, unique in Geneva, with high-end cellular treatments, Cellmen cosmetics, specially designed to revitalize, rejuvenate, erase wrinkles and fine lines. Prevent the effects of age, firm tone and reveal your youthful complexion with bio-integral cells without paraben, silicone, petrochemicals, specifically adapted to the biological age and sensitivity of human skin. Experience examples of luxury high-tech Swiss CellFacial Anti-Age Revitalizing treatments or the Swiss CellCollagen. We customize our care with laser rejuvenation, radiofrequency and mesotherapy.

The beauty of the look

Eyebrow hair removal for a younger and more expressive look. You can learn to do it yourself.

The dyeing of eyelashes and eyebrows, an intense, deep coloration, from blond to chestnut, fast and easy, for a stunning effect, darker lashes, a more expressive look, real know-how of our professionals the seductive look. Natural effect, sophisticated or deep, the end result is undetectable without weakening your eyelashes.

The enhancement, for an intense, spectacular look. Longer, curved lashes upwards.

And again, the reconstruction of the eyebrows to pass, in an hour, from sparse, absent eyebrows, to densified and redesigned eyebrows, highlighting your look, non-invasive and safe method,

Esthetic dermopigmentation

You have a scar that bothers you, accident, surgery, scalp, pelades, mild baldness, hare's beak… Camouflage?  Correct? Dermopigmentation is for you. Specialist for more than 25 years in aesthetic dermopigmentation for men, we apply this technique also in women, make an appointment for advice on treatment, time, costs, possibilities … We practice medically, using single-use sterilized needles and Swiss-Control mineral and plant pigments. Once the pigments have stabilized, it is often necessary to retouch (included in the tariff) after 4 to 6 weeks. We apply a local anesthetic for comfort, a small redness, after dermopigmentation, which passes within 12 hours. The outfit varies depending on the area being treated. Our natural "Swiss Control" pigments ensure stability and quality.

The hair removals for Men

From the small intimate area to the whole body, for top athletes, from disposable lukewarm wax to laser, electrolysis or intense pulsed medical light, find a baby skin for more caresses or more Performance.

Definitive epilations and wax of all areas by advising you the device or the most suitable and effective technique for mr. Hair removals.

Careless hands and feet

Preserve the youth of your hands, the mirror of your life, refinement and elegance. Daily subject to external aggression, they need all our care in order to remain beautiful and presentable, appointments, business, bank, consultation, date.

Body care. Slimming

Alternative to Lipoaspiration: Fat, bulges, deposits. Visible from the first session. Fat clumps or love handles disappear thanks to the combination of various treatments, lipocavitation, ultrasound, radiofrequency, with a high-tech UNA device

Fix your flaws

Scars, accidents, surgical operations, unbalanced eyebrows, pelades, mild baldness, hare's beak… Camouflage? Correct? Dermopigmentation is for you. Specialist for more than 25 years for men. Our natural "Swiss Control" pigments ensure stability and quality.

Body Care: Thinness through Lipocavitation

The intense, effective action of ultrasound and lipocavitation to fight in depth, adipose deposits, bulges, pimples, love handles, is recognized and confirmed for the latest technologies. Visible from the first session. Physical remodeling, removal of adipose tissue and improvement of tone and circulation.

Other body care

Swissdermyl, wrapping, drainage, reflexology, business man massage

Epilations for athletes

Warm wax, Laser, intense pulsed light, all areas with electrolysis finishes for a definitive softness.

Sleep and Performance

In addition to fatigue and cardiovascular disorders, sleep disorders accelerate cognitive decline and lower your performance. Published in the journal: Neurology.

Sleep apnea causes a drop in the flow of oxygen into the body, resulting in micro-damage to the brain.

Sleeping well is essential, it's even vital.

Have your sleep controlled, just in your bed, with new connected technologies.

Mesotherapy for Sportsmen

When you don't want to stop your training, or take controversial substances, turn to the Mesotherapy Pain Treatment Specialist

The Medical Touch

In partnership with the Swiss Anti-Age Group and GVA Medical-Care, partners Doctors who are well versed in modern techniques in the aesthetics and treatment of age-related pathologies, Beauty-for-Men offers injections of hyaluronic acid Switzerland, guaranteed for uniform and subtle results: the skin is naturally plumped, it regains all its luminosity, tone and shine.

Beauty for Men is also the photorejuvenation, flashes of intense medical light, emitted by the IPL system, special medical lamp that give a smoother appearance to your face by improving the texture of your skin and removing spots diffuse redness, telangiectasies, rosacea and various dermatological problems.

Ask for the future Stop Aging DNA or the rejuvenation of the joints by Mesotherapy.

Rated care and treatment for doing business

Several times a year, the Beauty-for-Man Institute allows you to enjoy great deals in the field of high-tech cellular treatments.

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